DIY photo session….

When you have your own business most often every penny that comes in is accounted for. Tight budgets don’t often allow for frequent photo shoots or big media campaigns. As a business owner you’ve really got to get creative with advertising and hope for the best every time you put yourself and your business out there. It’s not easy. The Public is a tough audience. More often than not people are receptive, kind and encouraging this helps so much.  Now with the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and twitter everyone seems to be out there leading and enjoying  so called picture perfect lives. It really makes for many tough acts to follow.

Pretzel baguette being shot by photographer with a chocolate stained apron!

We are truly fortunate to have really creative and take charge kinds of people working with us. This wasn’t an easy feat but the team we have now is great! We’ve got wonderful gals who know when something needs sprucing up or are always willing to happily bag granola, cookies or pretzels. They are really great at helping me juggle my babies as well!  Seems like small potatoes but it so isn’t at all!  Having happy people working with you to represent your business is invaluable. We really have learned this the hard way in the past.

trying to capture just how wonderful a gift certificate from Bretzel & Co is!

We’ve got a fantastic budding film maker/photographer who really helps us out. Anytime we need some new products shot or a video made he is there ready to go. It usually happens between serving customers, pulling pretzels from the oven or juggling babies but so far it works! Last week we did an impromptu photo session and I always love to see our products on film. It makes me feel really proud that we are producing quality goodies made with love. I kind of think that our photographer has a way of really capturing that! I should add that without him we wouldn’t have such a beautiful documentation of our growing family either!

What's a photo session without a picture of how cute baby hands and feet are eating pretzels!


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