Reflections on four years….

This week our little bakery Dolce Vita hit the four year mark.  We are really proud to have made it this far and hope we can continue on for many more years to come.  The bake(my partner in crime at the bakery and at home) and I decided that we would go in which ever direction this little adventure steers us.   I of course like to help with the steering in certain directions but hey that’s the control freak  visionary in me!

When we began on Thanksgiving weekend in 2008 things were much different.  For a German and an east coaster,  buying a Italian style bakery was a big leap of faith.  Picture us in the most Italian section of Montreal, a newly acquired run down, reputation tarnished bakery.  Not to mention the fact that we were required to keep the existing staff, who were already very disgruntled to say the least. We had our work cut out for us!

We persevered and eventually the “you can’t be here because you aren’t Italian” comments were few and far between. Imagine people saying that?!  We very slowly weeded out the old staff and built our own team of happy and unique individuals.  I think it’s safe to say we have begun to restore the bakery’s reputation.  (Note to self –  in future post about the do’s and don’ts of buying an existing business).  The bake and I have definitely covered many it not all of the do not do points already!

I am making our journey thus far sound negative but it has in fact been anything but.  Each day we both feel joy and gratitude running our own business.  It’s not many people that have the opportunity to do this.  As hectic and as stressful as owning a business gets we try to remember that we are in the baked goods industry!  As silly as it sounds we try to sweeten people’s lives!  The Bake and I work as a team each and every day.  Teamwork is non-negotiable when you spend almost all day, every day together.  Oh and they other need for teamwork?  We have identical twin toddler boys and another “bun in the oven”!   A little bakery humour for you!

I could go on and on about all the things we have learned about the business, people in general and ourselves but my intention isn’t tobe a self help guru…the world already has Oprah! I just want to post on our everyday musings.  Trust me,  at times I feel like we are on an episode of Punk’d!

The other thing – I am kind of obsessed with what I think are beautiful home interiors,  and old furniture…“rotten wood” as a dear family friend calls it!

Stay tuned…promise to try and give you a bit of a laugh now and again!







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